WJHS Distance Learning Information

All students will check their courses and get instructions through their Schoology accounts.
-Mr. Allen - Band/Orchestra
-Mr. Begay - Social Studies
-Mr. Berg - Career Technology

Work Phone Extension: 8341

-Mr. Corum - Physical Education



-Mr. Friedman - Choir

Work Phone Extension: 8173

Email: jfriedman@wusd1.org

- Log onto class daily

- Participate Daily (SHOWING UP is the best part of singing!)

- Do assignment(s) for the day(s), there will be plenty of YouTube and Video Selfies. You can use a phone or your chromebook.

- We will try to do our best to learn the computers and programs that the Governor and the State generously bought for everyone. 


-Mrs. Gould - Science


-Ms. Jones - Science
-Mrs. Kerr - ELA and Social Studies


-Ms. Knox - Art and Social Studies


-Mr. Luzier - Social Studies
-Mr. Maine

7th Grade Foundations

8th Grade Industrial Arts/Shop

Email - jmaine@wusd1.org



-Ms. Perales - TLC
Office Hours 10:30 - 11:30am
-Mr. Petranovich - ILS
Office Hours
8:30am - 3:15pm 
-Mrs. Sawyer - Physical Education
-Ms. Seel - ELA
Contact me: cseel@bulldogsw.in (928) 288-8353
-Mrs. Shumway - Math
-Mrs. Smith - Foundations


-Mr. Thomas - Science


-Mrs. Vasquez - 7th and 8th Grade Math
Tutoring/Office Hours for Mrs. Vasquez
3:25 - 3:55 pm Monday - Thursday
Google Meet ID meeting code: vasqueztutoring
If you need to contact any member of our staff about the assignments or other concerns, here is the contact information:
7th Grade Math     Mrs. S. Vasquez
7th Grade ELA    Ms. S. Monroe  
7th Grade Science Mr. L Thomas
7th Grade Social Studies  Mr. L. Begay   Ms. S. Mon
7th Grade Art   Ms. C. Knox
7th Grade Computers   Mrs. D. Smith
8th Grade Math    Mrs. S. Shumway
8th Grade ELA    Ms. C. Seel    
8th Grade Science      Ms. A. Jones
8th Grade Social Studies    Mr. D. Luzier   Ms. C. Knox
8th Grade Art    Ms. C. Knox
8th Grade Computers     Mrs. D Smith
Industrial Arts    Mr. J. Maine
Special Education   Ms. M. Perales    Mr. E. Petranovich
Principal    Ms. D. Lopez
Student Advisor   Mr. T. Dooley
Registrar/Bookkeeper    Ms. L. Quintana
Secretary   Mrs. G. Williams
Parent Liaison  Mrs. R. Jimmie
Librarian  Mrs. S. Maschek
Heath Tech   Mr. R. Fallaha