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Whooo's Reading

How It Works

Students will create an account under their ELA teacher. Students are required to read one book per quarter. Accelerated Students are required to read two books per quarter.

Once students have finished a book, They will log in and take a quiz. Our library is not restrictive, as we have standards-aligned quizzes for every book.

Quizzes are comprised of two warm-up questions and two open-ended questions. As students write their responses, they will receive automatic, in-the-moment feedback from Owlfonso on how they can improve their answers. 

After students complete the quiz, they will receive coins, which they can use to purchase accessories in the Owl Shop for their Owlvatar (Owl Avatar). 

Standards-aligned Journal Activity questions provide additional practice between quizzes, and opportunities to earn more coins.

Book reviews allow students to rate what they read and provide an explanation on why they liked or disliked the text. These reviews display on the Class Shelf for students to reference when deciding what to read next.

All of the students’ work and progress towards goals is housed and organized on the data page in the teacher account.

Whooo's Reading Scoring Rubrics


Each quiz has two open-ended questions. Each question is scored on a 2-point scale. This brings the maximum possible score to 4 points (warm-up questions are not scored). This scoring method aligns with a mastery-based grading system. Below is a guide to how the autograder scores each open-ended quiz question:

Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Grade: 

2 - Wrote 4-6 sentences, restated and answered the question fully with 2+ details from the text, well organized

1.5 - Wrote 1-4 sentences, restated and answered the question fully with 1-2 details from the text, may not be as well organized

1 - Answered the question but did not restate the question, was overly vague, did not supply evidence, is not long enough, or did not address all parts of the question

0.5 - Plot summary or personal opinion only, did not attempt to answer the question

0 - Answer contains or is entirely bad faith


Whooo's Reading Tips for Success

1. Writing Conventions

Is you answer easy to read out loud?

Do you use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation?

2. Addressing the Question

Do you restate the question in your answer?

Do you answer all parts of the question?

3. Text Evidence

Are you being specific with names, places, and events?

Do you use details from the text to support your answer?